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Agnes Irwin Middle School Library  

For all of your middle school information needs!
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History Print Page

Columbian Exchange

there are books on Reserve in MS Library

MSLibrary page:


AtoZ tab: online encyclopedias, Gale Virtual Reference, World History in Context

Chinese Inventions

There are some books on Reserve in MSLibrary for overnight borrowing. Also, print and online encyclopedias might have information about your invention.

  • Asia Society - Chinese Inventions
    use website template
  • Columbia
    silk, tea, porcelain, paper, printing, gunpowder, compass
    info is from an eBook
  • Computersmiths
    if you are having trouble citing this source - ask your teacher or Mrs. Groff
    author is Randy Smith
    title of page you viewed is History of Chinese Invention and Discovery: name of your invention
    title of website is
    publisher of website is Monterey Peninsula College
    date of last revision is Jan 10, 2013
  • Cultural China
    When you get to this homepage, type “inventions” into the search box for this page. Includes: gunpowder, paper, compass, and printing. More good info in the Top 10 greatest inventions article about those topics plus porcelain, tea and silk.
    use website template - slow to load
  • Engines
    type topic into Search box and click Search = another possible source for wheelbarrow and kite
    Engines of Ingenuity is a radio program
  • PBS
    includes: printing, paper money, porcelain, tea, gunpowder, compass
    it is an interview that was aired as part of a television program
    use television program template
  • Resources
    matches, kite, wheelbarrow, paper money, seismograph, paper
    use website template
  • Chinese Inventions - aboutEducation
    check for author, title of article, date
    use website template
    tea, seismograph, porcelain, gunpowder, silk, compass

Nile River

American Civil Rights Movement

Print Resources

There are many books on Reserve for this project. Some titles are general, Civil Rights Movement, and some titles are specific, Freedom Summer. Remember to continue adding keywords to your list of search terms for more effective and efficient searching of indexes and databases.

Electronic Resources

There is a link to eBooks/Gale Reference under A to Z Resources. Many of the print encyclopedias on Reserve are also available online. 

US Library page, A-Z Resource tab, has Proquest link - access to older newspapers for obituaries

Citation Assistance

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Encyclopedia (online) You are using the encyclopedia portion so you need to use Website, Reference template. Here is an example, use "edit" and insert the title of article you read.

"Carmichael, Stokely (1941-1998)." The Martin Luther King, Jr., Encyclopedia
     edited by Clayborne Carson. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Global Freedom 
     Struggle, The Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute, Accessed 15 Feb. 2017. 

(if you used previous 2015 citation to copy & paste into your citations, this is the updated version)

other citations:

A Force More Powerful. Dir. and prod. Steve York. Screenplay by Steve York.
     Narr. Ben Kingsley. York Zimmerman, 2000. DVD.

American Stories: 1949 to Present. 1998. McDougal Littell. Videocassette.

Carpenter, Teresa. "John Lewis." Profiles in Courage for Our Time. Ed. Caroline 
     Kennedy. New York: Hyperion, 2002. 319-43. Print.   
use Anthology template

Mighty Times: The Children's March. Dir. and Prod. Robert Hudson and Bobby Houston. 2005. Southern Poverty Law Center. DVD.

Nelson, Stanley. American Experience: Freedom Riders. Dir. and Prod. Stanley Nelson. 2010. PBS, 2011. DVD.

Jennings, Peter, narr. "I Have a Dream." Prod. Richard E. Robbins. ABC News 
     Special. ABC. 28 Aug. 2003. Television. 

Jennings, Peter, narr. "Unpinned." The Century: America's Time. ABC. Apr. 1999. 

Kates, Nancy, and Bennett Singer, dirs. Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin. Prod. Sam Pollard. Independent Television Service, 2002. Film

Ancient Egypt

There are books on Reserve which you can borrow overnight

Remember to use the index and continue to add keywords to your list

BrainPop has information about the Seven Wonders, Pharaohs, and Cleopatra

Use the Encyclopedia links on A to Z Resources page to research Ancient Egypt topics

Greek Gods and Goddesses

Print Resources

Books to use in MS Library

Electronic Resources

encyclopedias, BrainPop

Immigration Project

There are books on Reserve (overnight borrowing) for Immigration Project.

Here is a link to the AIS Voicethread account.

5 Pillars of Islam

You can use encyclopedias, both print and online.

There are books on display in MS Library which can be checked out overnight.


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